Washington Post –By Danielle Paquette August 15 at 6:08 PM

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, the largest group of labor unions in the country, quit President Trump’s manufacturing council Tuesday evening, with the labor leader saying he refused to accept any tolerance of “bigotry and domestic terrorism.”

“President Trump’s remarks today repudiate his forced remarks yesterday about the KKK and neo-Nazis,” Trumka said in a statement. “We must resign on behalf of America’s working people, who reject all notions of legitimacy of these bigoted groups.”

Trumka announced earlier this week that he was “assessing” his role on Trump’s bench of factory-job advisers after the president took two days to explicitly condemn a white supremacist rally that turned deadly in Charlottesville.
He chose to leave the council after Trump again said Tuesday that blame fell on “both sides” for the violence that erupted.

On Monday, pressure started mounting on Trumka — the only labor leader on the president’s six-month-old Manufacturing Jobs Initiative, as it’s formally called — after Kenneth C. Frazier, chief executive of the pharmaceuticals giant Merck, stepped down. Under Armour chief executive Kevin Plant and Intel Corp.’s top brass, Brian Krzanich, soon followed, as did Scott Paul, who heads the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

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